Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS)

Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS)
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Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS) is a non-profit organization that provides support to people with learning disabilities and autism. Recently, VIAS collaborated with V10 Visuals, a media production company that provides photography, filming, and editing services. The goal of the collaboration was to showcase VIAS’s work and the impact it has on the people it supports.

V10 Visuals provided photography, filming, and editing services to VIAS over four days. They worked closely with VIAS to understand their vision and what they wanted to achieve from the project. V10 Visuals spent time getting to know the people that VIAS supports and learning about their stories and experiences. This allowed them to create a product that truly reflected VIAS’s values and mission.

About the project

V10 Visuals worked tirelessly to make sure that the media produced was tailored to VIAS’s desired style. The result was a series of relevant and engaging images and videos captured on-site that showcased the essence of VIAS’s work. Through these media, VIAS was able to spread awareness about their work and attract more support for their cause.

The media produced by V10 Visuals helped VIAS showcase the tremendous impact that their work has on the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism. It demonstrated how VIAS empowers them to lead fulfilling lives and how their work makes a positive difference in the world.

The collaboration between VIAS and V10 Visuals was a huge success, serving as an excellent example of how different organizations can come together to create something meaningful and impactful. V10 Visuals’s hard work and dedication helped VIAS to get its message out there and attract more support for its cause. It’s a shining example of how the power of collaboration can create a better world for everyone.

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Values Into Action Scotland (VIAS)
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