Dallas MacMillan

Dallas MacMillan
Corporate Headshots

V10 Visuals was recently approached by part of the Senior Management Team at Dallas MacMillan, a team of Lawyers based in Glasgow who were in need of professional headshots. The law firm was looking to update their website and marketing materials, and they wanted to ensure that their team’s images were of the highest quality and consistency. Due to the nature of the business. These headshots were to be taken in the office, with a standardised commercial, corporate feel.

Upon meeting with the team, I listened carefully to their requirements and preferences.  We discussed the importance of portraying a professional yet approachable image, as well as the need to capture everyone’s unique personality and style.

About the project

To achieve this, I worked closely with each member of the team, guiding them on posing and expression while making sure to capture each person’s individuality.  I also ensured that the lighting and background were consistent across all images, giving the final product a polished and professional look.

During the session, I made sure that the team felt comfortable and at ease, creating a relaxed and friendly environment.  This helped to bring out their personalities, resulting in images that were both professional and approachable.

After the shoot, I provided the law firm with a selection of high-quality images, allowing the individuals to choose their preferred headshots. I also provided them with a range of editing options, including colour correction, retouching, and cropping, to ensure that each image was perfect for their needs.

The Senior Management team were extremely pleased with the final product, commenting on the quality of the images and my professionalism and approachability throughout the entire process. They were able to use the images on their website, marketing materials, and even on their LinkedIn profiles, helping to create a cohesive and professional image for the firm.

Overall, it was a successful project, and I enjoyed working with the team of lawyers to provide them with high-quality headshots. I was thrilled to help them achieve their goals and create a professional image that accurately represented their team.

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Dallas MacMillan
Dallas MacMillan
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