Scallops Tale

Scallops Tale
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Scallops Tale is a high-end restaurant located in Bearsden. They specialize in seafood and have a unique menu that combines traditional Scottish cuisine with modern culinary techniques. They approached V10 Visuals, a leading provider of food photography solutions, with a challenge. They wanted to attract more customers by showcasing their unique cuisine and style. For this purpose, they needed professional photographs of their dishes that would make their website, social media pages, and menu stand out with flavour and colour.

Scallops Tale wanted to highlight the textures, colours, and flavours of each dish in a way that would make them stand out from the competition.

About the project

They needed photographs that would entice potential customers and make their mouths water. Scallops Tale wanted to capture the essence of their dishes in a way that would represent the high-end nature of their restaurant.

V10 Visuals worked closely with the restaurant’s team to understand their vision and goals. They set up a photo shoot to capture the dishes in a way that would make them look delicious. Using their expertise in food photography, they played with lighting, angles, and colours to create photographs that were visually impressive and mouth-watering. They used a combination of natural light and artificial lighting to capture the essence of each dish. They also used different angles to highlight the textures and colours of each dish. They took multiple shots of each dish to ensure that they captured every detail.

The photographs turned out to be a feast for the eyes, with each dish captured in stunning detail. V10 Visuals provided images that showcased the vibrancy and texture of the dishes, making them look almost too good to eat. The colours of the dishes looked more vibrant, and the textures looked more enticing. The restaurant used these photographs on its website, social media pages, and menu, and it started receiving more inquiries and reservations than before. The photographs helped Scallops Tale stand out from its competitors and attract new customers. The photos also helped the restaurant showcase their unique culinary style and high-end nature.

It was a pleasure to work with Scallops Tale to help them achieve their branding and marketing goals. V10 Visuals’ expertise in food photography helped the restaurant stand out from its competitors and attract new customers. The photographs captured the essence of the restaurant’s dishes in a way that represented their high-end nature. The photographs also helped the restaurant showcase its unique culinary style. We’re proud of the results and look forward to working with them again in the future.

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Scallops Tale
Scallops Tale